What the world would be like if there is no gravity? What if the world was upside down?

A tour of the Upside Down BD would send one in a topsy-turvy town with optical illusions, complete with an everything upside down: a house, an office with real object, and more.

Come to UPSIDE DOWN BD to get the all the answers. Be amazed and bring your friends and family to make it the experience of your lifetime.

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Enter the fascinating world of illusions!

Upside Down BD offers an experience that not many conventional gallery can give. This gallery in Dhaka City is a breeding ground for creativity and human relations, a great place for groups of children, friends, and families to play while exercising the mind.

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Deceive your eyes and entertain your mind!

At Upside Down BD, you can simply leave it to your imagination to create a picture out of what your eyes see as backward, inside-out, and upside-down.

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